• Birds and Bees
    Matt Cummings and Alex Rofael

    A young girl asks her guardian a big question.

  • Antiquated Japesterism
    EK Weaver, Alex Rofael, and KT Jayne

    A dashing lad explores the jungle.

  • Garbage Day
    Alex Rofael and Incineraptor

    Chores need to be done, but who will do them?

  • Mother & Grub
    Adrienne Garcia and Alex Rofael

    A mother will do whatever is best for her children.

  • Lalondian Tourism
    Phil Gibson, Adrienne Garcia, and Alex Rofael

    A troll explains a human room to another troll.

  • Soul-Fraying Games
    J.N. Wiedle, Alex Rofael, and Rennie Kingsley

    A group of kids prepare to have an adventure of the role-playing sort.

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