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  • TGIK: Thank Goodness It's Kanaya

    August 1, 2014 by Rachel

    Hello hello!

    Sorry for the radio silence of late; the PXS team is a pretty small one and we've all been extra busy lately! We appreciate your patience. :)

    Tag system improvements are still in the works, currently taking a back seat to longer-term and larger-scale technical stuff that should improve both the performance of both PXS and MSPA itself. Sorry about that; I know the tags are often a bit off!

    We've had reports of a malicious, hijacking ad. THIS IS NOT OKAY BY US. Sometimes bad ads can get through the ad service we use, much to our chagrin. If this happens to you, please email with as much information as you can get! This includes the ad itself, where the ad sent you, what browser you're using, anything. Thank you! We want this to happen as little as possible, and that means getting info to the ad service as fast as we can to get the offending ad axed.

    We've had some stories from new contributors lately! Big PXS welcomes to Mary Borsellino and Magnolia Porter! Thanks for being a part of this little experiment!

    We are still going through some of the portfolios that we've been linked, both for writers and inkers. We may soon be looking for colorists; keep an eye on this space, and get your portfolios ready!

    Thanks everyone; have a great weekend!

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  • Just checking in

    July 7, 2014 by Rachel

    Hello everyone! I hope your weekends were great, and that if you live in the US/celebrate the 4th of July you got to see some pretty fireworks!

    I wanted to thank everyone who wrote to me in response to my last post where I called for writers! We've gotten some great portfolios to check out and we're going through them busily now. If you've been meaning to write in, please do.

    I also wanted to throw in a little link to this post I made about process work since I think it might be interesting to some readers.

    This comic was penciled and inked by EK Weaver, who is a new contributor to Paradox Space! Her incredible comic The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal ended recently, so I advise you to go buy all three volumes and read them back-to-back, greedily, like an animal. She is a lovely person and an absolute dream to work with, as are Zack and Adrienne! So basically this comic was made by a bunch of fantastic people, like our other comics. How did we get so lucky??

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