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  • Just checking in

    July 7, 2014 by Rachel

    Hello everyone! I hope your weekends were great, and that if you live in the US/celebrate the 4th of July you got to see some pretty fireworks!

    I wanted to thank everyone who wrote to me in response to my last post where I called for writers! We've gotten some great portfolios to check out and we're going through them busily now. If you've been meaning to write in, please do.

    I also wanted to throw in a little link to this post I made about process work since I think it might be interesting to some readers.

    This comic was penciled and inked by EK Weaver, who is a new contributor to Paradox Space! Her incredible comic The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal ended recently, so I advise you to go buy all three volumes and read them back-to-back, greedily, like an animal. She is a lovely person and an absolute dream to work with, as are Zack and Adrienne! So basically this comic was made by a bunch of fantastic people, like our other comics. How did we get so lucky??

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  • Tea & Tags & T... uh, writing

    July 2, 2014 by Rachel

    Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying this tea party. Crumpets are over there, and cucumber sandwiches are there. Sugar cubes are in this cute little pot right here.

    A belated Canada day to all our Canadian readers, and a pre-emptive happy Fourth of July to our US-ian readers! I am kind of not so hot on the 4th as a holiday, but it's as good a reason as any to wish people well.

    As many readers have noticed, we've been having some troubles with our tags. This is due to something Technical that I don't understand completely enough to give you a good explanation for; but rest assured, we're working on it, and will soon have the tags fixed up. We're also working on some improvements to the tag system that we hope to have up in the next week or two.

    I'd also like to ask that if you find any problems while you're browsing the site, you please send an email in to, as that is the ideal method to let us know there's something technical going on! Sending an email to another address or writing in through Tumblr or Twitter is still helpful, but is likely to mean a longer delay in seeing your message and addressing the problem.

    I'd also like to thank everyone who wrote in response to my last newspost where I asked for inkers to step forward! I received a lot of really nice emails with links to some really gorgeous portfolios. We've put a whole bunch of new names into our useful little artists spreadsheet, and will no doubt be calling on many of you in the future!

    Because we had such success asking for inkers, we're also taking a tentative next step: we are looking for writers. However, I want to stress that we are looking for experienced writers. If this is you, please, as before, email me. Guidelines for these emails: use your real name, send a link to your portfolio (not attached files), be clear about your experience level, and if you're feeling especially helpful, give us an idea of your per-page rate.

    Thanks everyone, hope you're staying cool! If you're feeling a bit toasty, the iced tea's right here.

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